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What this platform offers

Virtual Mynd - Enabler for Starting and Running your businesses

Virtual Mynd is an online platform to provide the common information that any business in any industry requires to start and run the operations.

It is intended to bring businesses to the platform to get answers to commonly asked questions through the Knowledge Center. Any question for which understanding of specific scenario is required or which may require some analysis before answering the question, may be asked from an expert, who can answer that specific question. Anything that is not really a question, but requires execution of a task like filing returns for a company, filing PF compliances, balance sheet preperation etc can also be handled by the expert panel; such tasks are referred to as 'Assignments' on the platform.


To become the most trusted platform where businesses find information and expertise to start and run their operations.


Enable Corporates and MSMEs to focus on their key business and make other expertise available at their doorstep, virtually

Domain Expertise

Showcase of our domain knowledge

Finance & Accounts

Improve your bottom line with Mynd’s finance and accounting outsourcing solutions, built to achieve high-performance business results

HR Operations

Maximize your output and profits by optimizing the utilization of your human resources without increasing costs.

Information Technology

Get our experts to guide you in the Digital Transformation journey. Be it architecture consulting, IT governance models, Cloud hosting or custom application development; you can bank on our consultants.


Mynd Solutions

Mynd Solutions is a leading global service provider in business process and technology management, offering broad spectrum of services in Finance and Accounting (F&A), Human Resource Processes (HR), Information Technology (IT) and Consulting.

Mynd Solution's approach puts process at the forefront, understanding the value it brings to a company in driving frontend results such as customer satisfaction and retention, revenue generation and profitability. The Company couples deep process knowledge and insights with a focused IT approach, targeted analytics and pragmatic engineering to deliver an integrated process solution.

Management Team

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Sundeep Mohindru

CEO - M1xchange

Vivek Misra

CEO - Mynd Solutions

Ramesh Bisht

CFO - M1xchange

Saurav Wadhwa

COO - Mynd Solutions

Kapil Malhotra

Senior Counsel

Saurabh Agrawal

SGM - Mynd Solutions

Jacob Raphael

COO - M1xchange

Sunil Kumar